Minebea Silent IC

Equipped with Genuine Minebea 2-Ball Bearing. Silent IC Inside. Outstanding Long Life Hours!

Product Pictures


Model Name:
Minebea 8cm Silent IC Case Fan (Low/Middle/High)
Minebea 9cm Silent IC Case Fan (Low/Middle/High)
Minebea 12cm Silent IC Case Fan (Low/Middle/High)

Model Number:
Minebea 8cm Low (1400rpm): 3110KL-04W-B19-EB1
Minebea 8cm Mid (2150rpm): 3110KL-04W-B19-E51
Minebea 8cm High (2700rpm): 3110KL-04W-B39-E51

Minebea 9cm Low (1400rpm): 3610KL-04W-B19-FB1
Minebea 9cm Mid (2100rpm): 3610KL-04W-B29-F51
Minebea 9cm High (2450rpm): 3610KL-04W-B39-F59

Minebea 12cm Low (1100rpm): 4710KL-04W-B19-VB2
Minebea 12cm Mid (1600rpm): 4710KL-04W-B19-V54
Minebea 12cm High (1900rpm): 4710KL-04W-B29-V52

80x80x25mm (8cm Model)
92x92x25mm (9cm Model)
119x119x25mm* (12cm Model)
*Screw holes match to the standard 12cm case fan

Minebea 8cm Low (1400rpm): 16,24 CFM = 27 m³/h / 17,00 dBA / DC12 V / 0,04 A
Minebea 8cm Mid (2150rpm): 24,72 CFM = 42  m³/h / 22,00 dBA / DC12 V / 0,10 A
Minebea 8cm High (2700rpm): 31,78 CFM = 54 m³/h / 28,00 dBA / DC12 V / 0,17 A

Minebea 9cm Low (1400rpm): 24,72 CFM = 42 m³/h / 18,00 dBA / DC12V / 0,04 A
Minebea 9cm Mid (2100rpm): 33,55 CFM = 58  m³/h / 29,50 dBA / DC12V / 0,11 A
Minebea 9cm High (2450rpm): 40,61 CFM = 70 m³/h / 34,00 dBA / DC12V / 0,16 A

Minebea 12cm Low (1100rpm): 41,32 CFM = 70 m³/h / 18,00 dBA / DC12 V / 0,08 A
Minebea 12cm Mid (1600rpm): 63,57 CFM = 109 m³/h  / 27,00 dBA / DC12 V / 0,17 A
Minebea 12cm High (1900rpm): 75,93 CFM = 129 m³/h / 31,00 dBA / DC12 V / 0,24 A

3-pin (4-pin adaptor included)

Cable Length:

Bearing Type:
2 Ball Bearing with Special Designed IC Inside


160,000 hours (8cm version)
140,000 hours (9cm version)
180,000 hours (12cm version)

*Note The A (Ampere) figure shown on the fan itself is the peak figure while the figure shown on t he package is the average figure


Equipped with Genuine Minebea 2-Ball Bearing
Minebea Corporation is the world leading bearing manufacturer, which produces more than 150 million bearings/month, and its worldwide market share reaches 60%. Every component (including lubricating oil for bearings) inside the NMB-MAT fan is produced in-house to keep the highest quality and precision.

Silent IC Inside
These case fans come with special designed IC for PC usage and this successfully reduces the typical switching noise from a case fan.

Outstanding Long Life Hours!
With all in-house development and high quality parts used in this case fan, the MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) for 8cm model is up to 160,000 hours, 9cm model is up to 140,000 hours, and 12cm model is up to 180,000 hours, which is beyond the limit of standard ball bearings in the market.