Light Wing 120

The idea to develop something flamboyant and flashy led to the birth of the Light Wing 120 fan. But just "one more" illuminated fan like all the others with LEDs hidden in the frame wouldn't be anything special, would it? So the designers decided to fit a LED-bar, rotating synchronously with the fan blades, creating a lighting effect never seen before on a case fan. The result is a highly appealing piece of equipment for case modders and other PC users the like. Of course, design is not everything, and the cooling performance of the Light Wing doesn't have to hide.


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Light Wing 120 Fan Light Wing 120 Fan Light Wing 120 Fan Light Wing 120 FanLight Wing 120 Fan Light Wing 120 Fan Light Wing 120 Fan


Model Name:
Light Wing 120 Fan

SY1225LE12L-B  (1200 rpm)

120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4,72 x 4,72 x 0,98 in

Fan Speed:
1.200 rpm

Noise Level:
25,6 dBA

Air Flow:
41,73 CFM = 70,9 m³/h

Static Pressure:
0,59 mmH²O / 5.79 Pa

Operating Voltage:
12 V

Rated Current:
0,30 A

Power Input:
3,6 W

132 g / 4,66 oz

3-pin (3 to 4-pin Molex-adaptor included)

Screws, Vibration dampers

Bearing Type:
Sleeve Bearing

30.000 Hours


LED Illuminating Effect
The simutaneously rotating LED-bar creates a never-seen-before, unique lighting effect. It doesn't result in beams shining onto the rotating blades seen in numerous other products, but rather establishing a spacial feeling entirely unique to the Light Wing 120.



Vibration Dampers
Thanks to the factory-included, rubber vibration dampers, potential vibrations caused by the spinning fan in operation are being prevented from conveyance to the PC case, ensuring a more quiet operating experience.


High Connectivity
The included 3 to 4-pin molex-adaptor together with the 500 mm long connector cable contribute to the Light Wing's 120 possibility to be directly hooked on to the motherboard or to the power supply using the adaptor.


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