Grand Flex

The Grand Flex PWM is the latest, new creation in the Scythe line-up. Forget old, although proven engineering - every major component was re-developed at its' core. The Grand Flex is equipped with a closed-up liquid bearing (Sealed Precision FDB) where the rotor shaft rotates on an oil-film created by dynamic pressure. This technique greatly reduces running noise and friction, which again slows down wear and tear of the bearing. The newly designed fan blades focus the airstream to the desired cooling area to optimize cooling efficiency.

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Model Name:
Grand Flex 120mm Fan

SM1225GF12SL  (800 rpm)  End of Life
SM1225GF12L    (1200 rpm)
SM1225GF12M   (1600 rpm) End of Life
SM1225GF12H   (2000 rpm) End of Life

120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 in

Fan Speed:
800 rpm / 1.200 rpm / 1.600 rpm / 2.000 rpm

Noise Level:
18.0 dBA / 23.5 dBA / 28.5 dBA / 34.5 dBA

Air Flow:
30.5 CFM =   51.8 m³/h
45.8 CFM =   77.8 m³/h
61.1 CFM = 103.8 m³/h
76.6 CFM = 130.1 m³/h

Static Pressure:
0.53 mmH²O / 5.20 Pa
1.15 mmH²O / 11.28 Pa
2.00 mmH²O / 19.61 Pa
3.20 mmH²O / 31.38 Pa

12 V

0.10 A / 0.15 A / 0.20 A / 0.35 A

Power Input:
1.2 W / 1.8 W / 2.4 W / 4.2 W

178 g / 6.27 oz


3 to 4-pin Molex-Adaptor, 4x screws, 4x insulating rubber

Sealed Precision Fluid Bearing

120.000 Hours (25°C)

A short presentation video of the Grand Flex fan series


Sealed Precision FDB
This newly developed bearing is a closed-up (sealed) system, in which the rotor shaft smoothly runs on an oil film. Compared to conventional sleeve bearings, sealed precision FDB works more quietly and results in slower wear and tear of the bearing.The applied lubricant oil can take temperatures of up to 250°C.


Fan Blade Design
The new fan blade design reduces turbulence and guides the airflow to the desired area. This effect is further enchanced by the angled shape of the blades towards the hub.



Vibration-Free Mounting
Enclosed with the Grand Flex are optional insulation rubbers to prevent the passing on of possible vibrations to the PC case, contributing to a more quiet operation.


4-Pin Molex Adaptor
The 500 mm length, 3-pin cable enables direct hooking up to the mainboard, or alternatively, a fan controller unit. If direct connection to the power supply unit is preferred, the included 3-pin to 4-pin molex adaptor is at hand.



Fan Hubs

Grand Flex SM1225GF12SL - 800 upm
Grand Flex SM1225GF12L - 1200 upm
Grand Flex SM1225GF12M - 1600 upm
Grand Flex SM1225GF12H - 2000 upm


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