GlideStream 120 PWM SC

The GlideStream 120 PWM PC fan combines all the positive features of the GlideStream fan series with additional technical detail - a three step slide switch for limiting the maximum speed (800/1150/1500 rpm). This allows an easy adjustment of the fan to different application areas starting from "ultra silent" to maximum cooling performance for overclockers. The PWM connector predestined this fan as replacement for coolers as well as case fan. The well-known concept of "small hub and large blades" increased the air flow of the fan compared to fans with conventional hubs.


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GlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SCGlideStream 120 PWM SC


GlideStream 120 PWM SC Lüfter


120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 inch

Fan Speed:
L: 300 (±300) ~ 800 (±10%) rpm
M: 300 (±300) ~ 1150 (±10%) rpm
H: 300 (±300) ~ 1500 (±10%) rpm

Noise Level:
L: 4.0 ~ 12.5 dBA
M: 4.0 ~ 24.5 dBA
H: 4.0 ~ 29.5 dBA

L: 21,96 ~  73,89 m³/h - 12.93 ~ 43.50 CFM
M: 21,96 ~ 112,96 m³/h - 12.93 ~ 66.50 CFM
H: 21,96 ~ 143,78 m³/h - 12.93 ~ 84.64 CFM

Static Pressure:
L: 0.07 ~ 0.50 mmH²O
M: 0.07 ~ 1.15 mmH²O
H: 0.07 ~ 1.79 mmH²O

12 V

L: 0.06 A
M: 0.12 A
H: 0.22 A

Power Input:
L: 0,72 W
M: 1,44 W
H: 2,64W

126 g / 4,44 oz

4-pin (PWM)

3 to 4-pin Molex-Adaptor, 4x screws

Sleeve Bearing

30.000 hours


Speed limitation by three step slide switch
The Glide Stream 120 PWM fan SC has a small three step slide switch. This allows limiting the maximum speed of the fan and provides the opportunity to customize air flow and the noise to your own needs. It makes possible to choose between extremely silent operation mode or maximum cooling power.


Optimized Air Flow
Due to the design concept "small hub and large blades" increases the flow cross section for fans with conventional fan hub. In combination with the specially adapted shape and fan blades angle increase the air flow massively. In order to keep air resistance to a minimum, the fan blades have been fitted with unique grooves.

PWM connector
Through the PWM connector of the fan is a direct connection to the motherboard possible for using the integrated fan controller. The included 3 to 4-pin Molex adapter allows the connecting with the PSU of the PC. By screws this fan is perfectly suited as case fan too.


A short presentation video of the GlideStream 120 PWM SC fan