Tatsumi Type A

The Tatsumi Type A represents the cost-optimized version of the standard Tatsumi CPU cooler, targeting the more price-concious user. The package contains the necessary parts for the AMD mounting system and enables quick, tool-free mounting on mainboards series AM2, AM3, as well as FM1 and FM2.  As the only "real difference" is the absence of mounting parts for the Intel sockets (a corresponding model is available), the Tatsumi Type A provides all the benefits of its' "role model" such as the M.A.P.S fin structure, the compact size, and the possibilty of mounting a second fan.

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Tatsumi Type A CoolerTatsumi Type A CoolerTatsumi Type A CoolerTatsumi Type A CoolerTatsumi Type A CoolerTatsumi Type A Cooler


Model Name:
Tatsumi Type A CPU Cooler

Model Number:

Socket AM2
Socket AM2+
Socket AM3
Socket AM3+
Socket AM4
Socket FM1
Socket FM2
Socket FM2+

102 x 146 x 59 mm / 4.01 x 5.74 x 2.32 in,  without fan (more dimensions)

360 g / 12.69 oz (Heatsink)

Metal Mounting Clips (AMD), Thermal Paste, 2x Fan Clips

Base Plate Material:
Nickel-Plated Copper 38 x 38 mm (Details)

The heatsink will be delivered with pre-assembled fan.

Fan Specifications

Model Name:
Slip Stream 92 PWM



Fan Size:
92 x 92 x 25 mm / 3.62 x 3.62 x 0.98 in

Noise Level:
7,2 ~ 31,07 dBA

Air Flow:
11,38 ~ 94,37 m³/h / 6.70 ~ 55.55 CFM

Fan Speed:
300 rpm (±200) ~ 2500 rpm (±10%)

Voltage / Current:
DC 12V / 0,18A

Static Pressure:
7,35 ~ 22,46 Pa / 0,12 ~ 1.56 mmH²O

Bearing Type:
Sleeve Bearing


Optimized Cooling Performance
The unique arrangement of the cooling fins (M.A.P.S. - cooling Fin Structure) combined with the special finish of the base plate make the Tatsumi Type A a great performing cooler. Airflow is hardly meeting any resistance, resulting in a quiet and efficient cooling operation.



Compact Dimensions
A lot of time was invested to find the perfect balance between the cooling area and the dimensions of the heatsink when developing the Tatsumi Type A. The result is a cooler fitting into cases with rather limited space without compromising performance.





Easy Mounting
To mount the cooler, the original brackets of the motherboard are used. This ensures a quick, save, and tool-free mounting process.


High Hardware Compatibility
The arrangement of the cooling fins coupled with the dimensions of the heatsink allows the users to choose both their mainboards and memory modules at discretion. Even memory modules or VRMs with unwelcoming heatsink structures will not get in the way when mounting the Tatsumi Type A.