Mugen 3 Rev. B

Version 3 of Mugen provides higher compatibility with new, more compactly designed fins and a thoroughly thought-out backplate. The total cooling performance has been increased by refining the M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure). Mugen 3 comes with a "Slip Stream" PWM Silent fan for minimizing the noise level at low load as well as maximizing the cooling performance at heavy load. Rev. B provides additional compatibility with Intels LGA2011 socket.



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Model Name:
Mugen 3 Rev. B

Model Number:

Socket LGA2011 / 2011-v3  (Square ILM)
Socket T / LGA775
Socket LGA1150
Socket LGA1151
Socket LGA1155
Socket LGA1156
Socket LGA1366

Socket AM2
Socket AM2+
Socket AM3
Socket AM3+
Socket FM1
Socket FM2
Socket FM2+

Combined Dimensions:
130 x 108 x 158 mm / 5.12 x 4.25 x 6.22 in  (more dimensions)

Fan Dimensions:
120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 25 in

Noise Level:
9.60 - 32.15 dBA

Air Flow:
14.7 - 88.11 CFM = 16.31 - 149.67 m³/h

Fan Speed:
300(±180 rpm) - 1,600 rpm(±10%)

Static Pressure:
0.34 mmH2O / 3.33 Pa

Overall Weight:
825 g / 29.10 oz

Material of Base Plate:
Nickel-plated copper (more information)

A short presentation of the Mugen 3 Rev.B CPU cooler.

... a step by step guide for the installation of Mugen 3 Rev. B


Compatible with LGA2011
Rev. B of Mugen 3 provides additional compatibility to Intels LGA2011 socket (Socket R).


F.M.S.B.4 (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 4)
Introducing F.M.B.S.4 (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 4) for higher compatibility with new generation Motherboards! This universally compatible Back-Plate is capable of mounting large coolers very rigidly on to your Motherboard.


Slip Stream PWM + Wide Range Cooling Purposes
The fan motor applied is a Slipstream PWM 120 x  120 x 25mm small axis large fan blade model, which minimizes the noise at low load, as sell as maximizing the performance of Mugen 3 at heavy load. The fan runs at the speed of 300 rpm (± 180rpm) ~ 1600 rpm (± 10%), generating an air flow of 14.7 CFM ~ 88.11 CFM =  24.98 ~ 149,7 m³/h at a noise level of 9.6 ~ 32.15 dBA. The overall cooling has been carefully designed to meet our Wide Range Cooling Purposes philosophy, providing high level performance for both silent cooling or over-clocking.

M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow Pass-Through Structure)
By introducing the newly refined M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure) the total cooling performance has been upgraded by optimizing the pass-through function of the airflow and enhancement of the sturdiness of the heatsink.