Ashura Shadow

Welcome the Ashura Shadow. Commemorating the 10th anniversary of Scythe on European turf is the special, limited edition of the latest entry to the high-end tower cooler family.

Technical specs and the original concept are identical to the base model, guaranteeing the same user-friendliness and a compact heatsink design while not sacrificing efficient cooling performance.The result is a CPU cooler shining with wide-spread compatibility to most current motherboard sockets while minimizing the risk of memory modules with tall heat sinks coliding with the Ashura Shadow. Its' from the ground-up newly developed mounting system realizes easy but reliable mounting to the majority of today's current, mainstream CPU sockets.Teamed up with the 140mm GlideStream fan sporting a max air flow of 165 m³/h makes the Ashura Shadow suitable for quiet as well as perfomance cooling, and can also be counted on as a reliable partner when overclocking is on the agenda.


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Ashura Shadow Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow  Ashura Shadow


Model Name:
Ashura Shadow CPU Cooler

Model Number:


Socket LGA2011 / 2011-v3 (Square ILM)
Socket T / LGA775
Socket LGA1150
Socket LGA1151
Socket LGA1155
Socket LGA1156
Socket LGA1366


Socket AM2
Socket AM2+
Socket AM3
Socket AM3+
Socket FM1
Socket FM2
Socket FM2+

Please note that an original backplate with screw mounting is needed for installation on mainboards with AMD sockets. Please check before buying if the backplate is fixed by screws (example)! If the backplate uses plastic-pins, mounting of this cooler is not possible.

145 x 65 x 161 mm / 5.71 x 2.56 x 6.34 inch (more dimensions)

750 g / 26.46 oz (excl. fan)

Mounting plate x2 (Intel), mounting plate x2 (AMD), mounting bar x1, screws for clips x4, mainboard screws x8, mounting screws x2, back plate spacer (Socket 775) x1, washers x4, wrench x1, fan clips x4, thermal grease, backplate, installation manual

Base Plate Material:
Nickel plated copper (more Info)

Fan Secifications

Model Name:
GlideStream 140 PWM (adapted Model)


Fan Dimensions:
140 x 140 x 25 mm / 5.51 x 5.51 x 0.98 inch

Noise Level:
13 - 30,7 dBA

Air Flow:
63 - 165 m³/h / 37.37 bis 97.18 CFM

Fan Speed:
500 ± 300 rpm to 1300 rpm ± 10%  (PWM-regulated)

Static Pressure:
1.47 ~ 10.0 Pa / 0.15 ~ 1.02 mmH²O


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Asymmetrical Design
The asymmetrical layout of the base plate allows the Ashura Shadow to be mounted in various clearances to the memory modules, making the usage of memory modules with tall heatsinks possible. Compatibility to various sockets and motherboards is increased, and user-friendly, simple installation of the Ashura Shadow is realized



Twin-Fan Installation
When developing the Ashura base model, the possibility for mounting a second fan was incorporated. The necessary spare pair of fan clips is therefore part of the accessory list also for the limited Shadow version. With a second fan helping, cooling performance can be further enhanced by applying the push & pull principal (The extra fan has to be purchased separately).





Newly Developed Mounting System
Another new feature can be seen is the Ashura Shadow's new mounting system. Based on the over-the-years experience of CPU cooler mounting sytems and Scythe expertise, the mounting was designed with the keywords "simplicity" and "reliability" in mind.



GlideStream 140 PWM
The 140mm GlideStream PWM covers all areas of cooling. Able to work both very quietly as well as with max cooling performance, it forms a perfect team with the new Ashura Shadow CPU cooler.



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