Mugen 5 PCGH Edition

The PC Games Hardware Edition of the Mugen 5 combines the award-winning CPU-Cooler with two Kaze Flex 120 mm PWM fans operating in a control range of 300 to 800 rpm. This dual ventilation improves the cooling performance noticeably, while the noise level is maintained in the silent range. The Mugen 5 PCGH Edition is fully AM4 compatible.

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The Byakko is the newest model in our expending series of easy to install and compact cooling solutions. A height of only 130 mm, the asymmetrical positioning of the base plate and the overall compact dimensions result in a highly compatible cooler without sacrificing performance.

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Tatsumi Type A

With the Tatsumi Type A, Scythe introduces a price-optimized variation of the recently released Tatsumi CPU cooler. The ideal choice for the price-concious users who do not require the option to change platforms, the Type A spares cosmetic decoration and an Intel-socket mounting system. As no changes were undertaken to the heatsink itself, it shows cooling performance identical to the standard Tatsumi CPU cooler.

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Katana 4

Katana 4 combines the compact dimensions of its predecessors with a new modern design resulting in improved cooling performance. For the first time, a new Clip-System is launched, providing even higher user-friendliness and durability. Compared to its' predecessor Katana 4 provides better cooling performance.

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Katana 3 Type A

Katana 3 Type A is equipped with dedicated mounting clips set and it is compatible to current AMD® socket 754, 939, AM2(+), AM3 and 940. All features of Katana 3 CPU Cooler such as silent PWM controlled Scythe 92 mm fan, tool-free and easy to mount VTMS mounting clips, S.P.S. (Slant Pipe Structure) and F.P.S. (Fast-Phase Structure) are adopted to this model as well.

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Mugen 5

The Mugen 5 carries the popular and award-winning cooler series into the next generation. A customized heatsink design for maximum memory compatibility, a new fan outfitted with Sealed Precision Fluid Dynamic Bearing as well as an improved mounting system raise cooling performance and user-friendliness to a new level.

Owners of a Mugen 5 can order an AM4 conversion-kit from the Scythe Service by sending us a proof of purchase of the cooler and an AM4 motherboard or a Ryzen ™ CPU. After completion of this simple registration process the HPMS II AM4 conversion kit will be sent to you free of charge.

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Order an AM4 conversion-kit

Kabuto 3

Designed as a top-flow model and equipped with three 8 mm and two 6 mm heatpipes, the Kabuto 3 provides excellent cooling performance despite its compact dimensions. This design also allows the cooling of surrounding components on the motherboard which increases system stability and lifetime. The Easy Clip Mounting System offers fast and simple installation on all compatible sockets.

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Obliged to tradition, the Iori offers all virtues its' name implies to in the Japanese language: Compactness, modesty, and reliability.With its' shy dimensions, the Iori finds its' space in smaller PC cases as well as HTPCs hassle-free, where it offers exceptional cooling performance for the processor and surrounding components of the motherboard.The supplied 100m fan operates more silenty while delivering equal performance to a 92mm, and even at full speed does not generate bothersome noise levels.

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Now compatible with 1366! Only 64mm height, making it ideal for PCs with slim chassis with high performance CPUs. Introducing a newly developed 100 x 100 x 12 mm PWM fan, high airflow rate is achieved while maintaining the overall low profile. Easy installation without any tools. Lightweight with 3 Heatpipes. Optional 92mm fan.

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