Kro Craft Speaker PLUS

Scythe Kro Craft Speaker PLUS is a set containing Kro Craft Speaker and Kama Bay AMP Kro amplifier.  This set combines an efficient Class-D amplifier with sonorous 2.0 Stereo Speakers.  Combination of both makes these items as a complete set which allows full audio enjoyment out of the box.


Product Pictures

Kro Craft Speaker PLUSKro Craft Speaker PLUSKro Craft Speaker PLUSKro Craft Speaker PLUSKro Craft Speaker PLUSKro Craft Speaker PLUSKro Craft Speaker PLUS


Model name: Kro Craft Speaker PLUS
Model No.: SCBKS-1000P

Kro Craft Speaker Specification

Frequency: 58 Hz - 20 kHz (85 dBA)
8 Ω
Maximum Input:
20 W
25 mm Soft Dome Tweeter
100 mm Concave Woofer
Flow Guided Bass-Reflex Structure
Dimensions: 144 x 250 x 210 mm (5.67 x 9.84 x 8.27 in)
Weight: 2,9 kg (6.4 lb) per speaker


Kama Bay AMP Kro Specification

Output: 2 Ch. + 3.5 mm Headphone
Cinch (2 Ch.)
Power IC:
Max. Output:
10 W x 2 Ch.
Max. Efficiency:
88% (8 Ω / 10 W)
S/N Ratio:
103 dB (Headphones: 95 dB)
Distortion Rate:
0.02% (1 KHz / 8 Ω)
50 mW * 2 Ch.
152 x 113 x 41 mm (5.98 x 4.45 x 1.61 in)
480 g (15.49 oz)

Scope of delivery: 2 x Kro Craft Speaker , 1 x Kama Bay AMP Kro Amplifier, 2 x 2 m Speaker Cable, AC Adapter, PCI Bracket Screws, 4-Pin Peripheral Adapter, PCI Bracket (2x), Mounting Screws, Audio Cable (Stereo Mini - Cinch / Cinch - Cinch), Speaker connection cable

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Desktop Monitor Speaker System
With the newly developed Kro Craft Speaker, Scythe announces its first traditional stereo speaker system for people who would like to have true stereo system for an affordable price.



Flow Guided Bass-Reflex Structure
By introducing FGBS (Flow Guided Bass-Reflex Structure), which directs the cabinet's airflow towards the bass-reflex port resulting efficient low frequency reproduction.




Gold Plated Connectors and Quality Cables
Scythe Kro Craft Speaker uses standard Hi-Fi connectors for direct cable connection and also gives the possibility to use „Banana Connectors“. All connectors are gold plated to provide pure audio enjoyment.



Quality High Performance YAMAHA IC Chip
In order to create high quality sound and not to compromise in sound quality, YAMAHA YDA138 chip and a completely new PCB design is built into this amplifier for pure audio enjoyment. Kama Bay Amp Kro provides all the advantages of Class-D amplifiers. It is low weight, powerful and energy efficient at the same time and produces less heat than conventional amps. All above Kama Bay Amp Kro yields very low THD rates.



Luxury Appearance
Not only the sound yet front panel and entire material are built high quality to create luxurious appearance! Gold plated Cinch jack and speaker terminals to provide pure audio enjoyment.



External or Internal Usage
Built it into your PC case to create a high quality sound or use it as external amplifier for your home theater system.