Ultimate Fanless CPU Cooler Landed!!!

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Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the group’s top fanless ultimate CPU Cooler, “Orochi”. The product name comes from the old time Japanese snake monster with 8 heads. Tuned to maximize the performance at the fanless or super low fan speed operation to make your system as silent as possible.  Total 10 heatpipes and large heatsink surface enables this CPU cooler to enable the ultimate fanless operation for today’s PC system. Thanks for the large cooling fin surface which makes both top-flow or side-flow cooling to be possible. Scythe original designed 140mm fan / 25mm thickness round-shaped fan is equipped for this CPU cooler as the most optimized cooling solution. For further details and specifications of this item, please refer to the below. 


Model Name:
Orochi CPU Cooler

Model Number:

Socket 478 All Speeds
Socket T/(LGA)775 All Speeds

Socket 754 All Speeds
Socket 939 All Speeds
Socket AM2 All Speeds
Socket 940 All Speeds

120 x 194 x 155?m / 47.24 x 76.38 x 61.02inch (Overall
140 x 140 x 25mm / 55.12 x 55.12 x 9.84inch (Fan Dimension)

Fan Speed:
500rpm (±10%)

Fan Noise:

Air Flow:

1155g (Unit) + 130g (Fan)
2.55lb (Unit) + 0.29lb (Fan)

For further information & images regarding this product, please visit our website at:

Orochi CPU Cooler Product Page (English)

Orochi CPU Cooler Product Page (German)

Orochi CPU Cooler High Resolution Images (FTP)

Should you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Scythe for further information.

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