Kabuto CPU Cooler

Kabuto has been arrived - Scythe unveils a new Top-Flow CPU Cooler

Hamburg (Germany), 19 March 2009: The Japanese saying "Fasten the strap of your Kabuto after a victory" is comparable to English "Do not rest on your laurels" and can be told as a motto for the new Scythe Kabuto CPU cooler. The new Top-Flow CPU Cooler of the Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) is named after the famous Japanese samurai helmet, and has high performance paired with low noise.

Slip Stream 120 mm PWM fan mounted Scythe Kabuto on top of the CPU cooler is already known by Mugen 2. Due to its mounting on top of the cooler, the fan not only dissipates the heat of the cooling fins effectively but is cooling down  sensitive components on the motherboard additionally.

Kabuto uses the M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow pass-through structure) which is already known from Mugen 2, which utilizes the airflow of the fan PWM Slip Stream in an optimal way.

Orientation of the screw holes of the mounting plates in a square allows4-way assembly of the cooler which gives users the opportunity to adjust the cooler perfectly to the conditions in its PC case. In addition, the mainboard compatibility of the cooler is increased.

Kabuto CPU Cooler will soon be available on the market for an MSRP of $48.00 excluding TAX / €32,95 excluding VAT.


Model Name:
Kabuto CPU Cooler

Model Number:

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

730 g / 25.74 oz (without accessory)

124 x 133 x 132 mm / 4.88 x 5.24 x 5.20 inch

Noise Level:
0 - 26,5 dBA

0 - 126 m³/h = 0 - 74.25 CFM

Fan Speed:
Scythe Slip Stream PWM 1.300 rpm

Socket 478 all Speeds
Socket T / LGA775 all Speeds
Socket LGA1366 all Speeds

Socket 754 all Speeds
Socket 939 all Speeds
Socket AM2 all Speeds
Socket AM2+ all Speeds
Socket AM3 all Speeds
Socket 940 all Speeds

Screws, Mountingclips, Thermal Grease

Material of Base Plate: Nickel-plated copper (more information)



Kabuto CPU Cooler (Eng.)

Kabuto CPU Cooler (Ger.)

Kabuto Cooler HighRes Pics (FTP)


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