Often Neglected yet Protect Your Data and Prolong Hard Disk Life!

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Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the all aluminum hard disk cooler called “Himoro”.  The product name “Himuro” comes from the old time preservation storage for snow and ice.  Hard Disk is often neglected for cooling compare to other components inside the computer system, yet it is also important to cool the important data storage to prolong its life.  Flexible mounting system is build-in for this product to allow user to mount the Hard Disk cooler in various ways (bezel hidden or exposed on 5.25inch bays).  Compatible for either parallel or serial ATA 3.5inch Hard Disk up to 10,000rpm.  Anti-vibration mounting legs are included to further contribute on silence!  Cool-n-Silence, “Himuro” Hard Disk cooler can offer you 2-in-1 solution for your important data storage!  For further details and specifications of this item, please refer to the below. 


Model Name:
Himuro Hard Disk Cooler

Model Number:

Parallel and Serial ATA 3.5inch Hard Disk

132x178x41mm / 5.2” x 7” x 1.61” (Overall Dimension)


790g / 25.5oz

24.50 (USD)
16.50 (EURO) excl. VAT

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Himuro Hard Disk Cooler Product Page (English)

Himuro Hard Disk Cooler Product Page (German)

Himuro Hard Disk Cooler High Resolution Images (FTP)

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