PC Accessory

Thermal Elixer 2 (SCTE-2000)
Kama Thermo 3 (TM03-BK)
Micro USB Compact Cable Strap (MUCCS01)
Kama Reader USB 3.0 (SCKMRD3)

USB 3.0 CF Card Reader (SCCFR-1000)
1366 Mounting Clips (SCCL4-1366 + SCCLV-1366)
Bay Rafter 2.5
Bay Rafter 2.5 Rev. B
Bay Rafter 2.5 to 5
Bay Rafter 3.5 (BayRafter 3.5)
Bay Rafter Combo
CPU Cooler Stabilizer K8 AM2 (SCCSA-82)
CPU Cooler Stabilizer 775 (SCCSI-775)
Device Stabilizer L-S (SCDS-1000)
Easy Mobile Rack (SCEMR-1000)
E-Book Holder (GRP01)
Flip Mount Super Backplate 4 (SCMG-FMSBP4)
Fan Clips A and B (SCY-12FC_TypeA + TypeB)
Fan Filter Attachment (FFA12)Fan Guard 12 (SFG120 SL)
FDD Card Reader Combo (YD-8V08)
Hard Disk Stabilizer 2 (SCY-HDS2)
Hard Disk Stabilizer(SCY-HDS)
Kama Bay (SCKB-1000)
Kama Bay Amplifier (SDA-1000)
Kama Bay Speaker (SCBS-1000)
Kama Cabinet (KC 01)
Kama Cabinet Pro (KC 02)
Kama Connect (SCUPS-1000)
Kama Connect 3 ( SCUPS-4000)
Kama Dock (SCKDC-1000)
Kama Jacket (SCKJA-1000)
Kama Meter (SCKM-1000)
Kama Panel (SCKMPN-1000)
Kama Panel 3 (SCKMPN-3000)
Kama Panel 3.1 (SCKMPN-3100)
Kama Reader (SCKMRD-1000)
Kama Reader 2 (SCKMRD-2000)
Kama Reader junior (SCKMRDJR)
Kama Stay (SCKST-1000)
Kama Thermo (TM02-WH)
Kama Thermo Mini (TMmini)
Kama Thermo Wireless (SCKTW-1000)
Kamazo 2 e-SATA (ESATA-KMZ2-25-BK)
Kamazo 2 IDE SATA 2.5 (KMZ2-25IDE-BK)
Kama Vesa (SCKV-1000)
Kaze Station II (KST02-3.5)
Mugen 2 Conversion Kit for LGA1156 (SCCMG2-1156)
Ninja Wire (SCYNW-1000)
Scythe Screw Kit für Intel LGA2011 (SCCLIP2011)
Slim-Line Sata Cable (SLC-SATA-45)
Slot Rafter (Slot Rafter)
Thermal Elixer (SCYTE-1000)
Twin Mounter 2.5 (2.5 Twin Mounter)
Twin Mounter 2.5 Rev.B (2.5 Twin Mounter Rev.B)
Twin Mounter 2.5 Rev.C (2.5 Twin Mounter Rev. C)
Universal Retention Kit 3 (SCURK-3000)
USB Foot Switch 2 (USB-1FS-2, USB-2FS-2, USB-3FS-2)







Kaze Master Flat II (KM08)
Kaze Chrono (KM-007)
Kaze Master Flat (KM06-BK)
Kaze Master II (KM05-BK)
Kaze Master 3,5 (KM01)
Kaze Master 5,25 (KM01)
Kaze Master Ace 5.25 (KM02 5.25)
Kaze Master Ace 3.5 (KM02 3.5)
Kaze Master Pro 3.5 (KM03-BK-3.5)
Kaze Master Pro 5.25 (KM03-BK)
Kaze Master Pro Ace (KM04-BK)
Kaze Q 3.5 (KQ-01)
Kaze Q8 (KQ02-3.5)
Kaze Q12 (KQ-02)
Kaze Server 3.5 (KS01-BK-3.5)
Kaze Server 5.25 (KS01)
Kaze Station (KST01-BK-3.5, KST01-SL-3.5)
Kaze Station II (KST02-3.5)



Kama Panel 3.1 (SCKMPN-3100)
Kama Connect PLUS (SCUPS-3000)

Kama Panel 2 (SCKMPN-2000)
Kama Panel 3 (SCKMPN-3000)
Kama Panel 3.5 (SCKMPN-1000-35)
Kama Rack 3.5 (SCKMRK-3.5)
Kama Rack 5 (SCKMRK-5)

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